Hello world!

Welcome to the developer diaries.

I am a developer for more than 30 years now, started initially with CA Basic, Visual Basic, Visual Studio, Delphi, C++ Builder, Java, Actionsript, Assembler, PHP, Javascript, HTML … and all other kind of coding stuff. I am autodidact and learned everything by myself. I can say, developing was kind of a really strong passion from the beginning. My most liked programming language path was and still is: C and C++.

My main focus always was on creative apps in multimedia, graphics and especially music.

Today I am full-time developer for apps on all Apple platforms, mainly and daily working with Apple‘s Xcode and loads of graphics and media design software and also a bunch of professional audio software. The main programming language is now Swift, not so much hating it like Objective-C/C++, but also not loving it that much, especially lately with all that degradation to SwiftUI, more a description language than a proper programming language – a quite typical Apple frustration factor by the way.

I have currently loads of released apps in Apple‘s AppStore, but the income via the AppStores is honestly and usually not even reaching the yearly costs for the expensive hardware, that is required regularly as the necessary tools for development. And we developers, as well known, do have to pay for the privilege to be an Apple developer (a yearly fee od 100 bucks, for literally nothing). ^^

This blog is mainly for unloading all my frustrations, as I can actually say for sure: Nothing in that 30 years was so frustrating and entirely unsatisfying, and somehow ill, than the last 5 years developing on and for Apples platforms and devices.

All in all, Apples permanent control and rejections and their entire relation and sight to developers in general is a kind of modern art of discrimination and let me often feel like a stupid child, a bloody beginner, who knows nothing and also can nothing and I am asking myself, how long I wanna go thru this misery any longer, loosing completely all my fun with coding, yet, loosing completely my entire passion for software development.

There is really something quite ill in that entire Apple eco system, something that also makes me ill personally. I am not the only one, who feels like that. I have seen many people wenting away from this masochist Apple development disaster, people who were more brave and consequent than me obviously, finally and no longer were willing to spend the rest of their life with such frustration and sadism. Mostly older and more experienced people, not the youngsters of course, who always will skip quickly on the devil‘s train until they get more wise and more experienced too…

So this personal blog also shall help me to become more clear, to become healthy again and making some decisions for the (remaining) future. It also shall be there for Apple, possibly thinking about their behaviours a bit and seeing the future more clearly too.

WARNING: This personal blog is highly emotional.

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