Today I wrote and submitted the following complaint to Apple AppStore Review:

I would like to take this opportunity to announce that from now on I will no longer submit any further attempts (guaranteed to always fail) to submit applications to the Mac AppStore.

Apparently it is not possible to implement a cross-device client/server solution for users via Apple AppStores. It is a prerequisite that such solutions are delivered to users synchronously. The Mac Appstore can’t seem to cope with the speed of my developments either. More such applications are planned.

This circumstance ultimately leads to a tragic user experience and inconvenience of the application for the user, which could have been avoided. But this also means that we now have to tell users why this is the case and who is to blame.

For example, it cannot be the case that the Apple review process limits the functionality of apps to such an extent that the applications ultimately become useless and worthless. In fact, this has happened several times recently.

Here is a quote from a chief developer at Apple:

“We’re thrilled to see how they’ll continue to push the boundaries for what’s possible.”  (quote: Apple Senior Vice President of Marketing Greg Joswiak )

This statement is downright absurd as it is in no way consistent with reality, as any attempt to implement such a maxim will obviously fail at the very beginning due to the way it works and the limitations of the entire app review process.

From now on we are forced to deliver the distribution of our server applications (macOS apps), which are a prerequisite for the operation of the client applications, directly to the users and to also tell the users the reasons for this.

We will therefore avoid wasting any further resources and energy dealing with the inadequacy (special points: performance and completeness ^^) of the AppStore review processes. Unfortunately there is no time for that.

I would also recommend forwarding this contribution to the responsible authorities for the operation of the review process, as this could improve something for the future.

Kindest regards,
<developer name>

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