Exaggerations and Hype and the stark contrast to Reality

Here is a quote from the current internet marketing hype:

More than 1,000 apps are now available in the App Store for the Apple Vision Pro, an Apple exec has revealed.

The announcement comes just over two weeks after the headset launched, at which point Apple said there were 600 apps in the store.

In a Tweet, Apple Senior Vice President of Marketing Greg Joswiak said: “A huge thank you to our developers!

“Their hard work has already resulted in over 1,000 incredible spatial apps explicitly designed for Vision Pro, along with over 1.5 million compatible apps.“

We’re thrilled to see how they’ll continue to push the boundaries for what’s possible.

Especially this last quote is just like a scam, a slap into the face to developers. Pfffh … ‚to push the boundaries for what is possible‘…

This is just ridiculous if I look at what happened to me just one day earlier. The second beta version of my ‚Vision Teleport‘ app, that actually tried to ‚push the boundaries‘ was REJECTED by the Apple Appstore Review Teams. At least the macOS server part of this client/server combination of apps. For very questionable reasons: for ‚pushing the boundaries‘.

The app tried to implement the creation of virtual displays on the Mac for improving user experience with the Apple Vision Pro. The users can create virtual displays on the macOS and project these to the spatial workspace of the Vision Pro for allowing real productivity with a Mac, connected to the Vision Pro.

Up to 4 displays could be projected this way with quite acceptable performance and comfort. In contrast to the overly limited Apple ‚virtual desktop‘ implementation, which will blackout your Mac’s display and only allows to project a single display with limited features.

What we have done is what we would think, is ‚pushing the boundaries’, giving the users something useful to work with, giving them a real value…

So far so good. But the dream went away. (But maybe we will find a bypass).

This is the reality and this is the contradiction to Apples continuous marketing hypes, which obviously are always a kind of giant bunch of empty words and worth nothing. Well, it is not even approximately the truth. It is actually rather masking the truth.

Here‘s another example:

I did release ‚CineVision 3D’ in the very early days of the Vision Pro AppStore, at a point where the device even was not released.

CineVision 3D is a configurable IPTV player app with immersive space integration.

The app initially also included a feed with over 10.000 curated IPTV provides from allover the world. Providing some value to the users, ‚pushing the boundaries‘, so to say… ^^

… and Apple Review Teams REJECTED the app therefore!

I was asked to remove all the 3rd party content and the 10.000 items *.m3u feed , so all the heart, for making this app even available to the AppStore. ( All of the providers in the feed were freely and publicly available streaming services worldwide, by the way. )

The result was, that I‘ve got an entire bunch of zero stars from the users after launch of my ‚now bare bone’ app, logically, literally saying the app is total crap, a scam and the developer is probably a scammer too…

Now, this is a nearly perfect example of all the stupidity of this entire AppStore reviewing process and the results by such. Leading to useless scam and crap, finally pumping out a none-value for the users…

And think on all the wasted time and all the lost revenue, the lost value, with this, on my side now.

I was not only investing loads of time into releasing this app, but also money for licensing content for this app.

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