Everything was a Lie ?

Apple promised to ship so-called Developer Kits for the launch of the Apple Vision Pro. So far my research goes, literally nobody actually really got such ‚Developer Kit‘. Especially not if you are a single Individuum, no matter how many apps you even released yet or how much serious interest you‘d have.

I applied to the Developer Kit for the Apple Vision Pro multiple times (these kits are loaned with just ridiculous terms of usage by the way) but never even got a reply. Even if I developed 6 apps for the start of the Apple Vision Pro, based on the Xcode beta versions and the Vision Pro simulator. 5 of these are released to the official AppStore at the point of this writing. Some more are in active development.

With the first day of the initial release of the new ‚ groundbreaking ‘ Apple device, very few native apps were available at all, but I was part of the game, at least. With some really mixed personal feelings therefore. Feelings in the sense of guilty conscience…

Because approximately 98 percent (if not more) of all these currently available apps were developed exclusively with the simulator, never even touched a real device. The simulator has at the moment massive leaks, issues and problems. It is quite questionable whether the apps developed on base of this will run seamlessly on a real device.

That’s also approximately what the global user experience with that new device actually was and still is…

So the relatively low quality and count of the available apps for the Vision Pro is mis-conceptually house-made. Apple did not fulfil their promise and obviously announced the thing with the ‚Developer Kits‘ just for promotion purposes, not really planning to deliver.

They rather preferred to cooperate with loads of influencers instead to m(f)ake campaigns, giving the impression everything is just perfect and ‚somehow magic‘. Such people obviously got devices prior the official release. Devices, that should better have been delivered to DEVELOPERS, actually.

Now, where allot of customers of the first hour will return their device for several more or less shocking reasons, there is a little bit of hope, that Apple will deliver these, now used, devices to developers, who desperately asked for a loaned device since months of active development, finally being able to test their native apps, already released to the AppStore and make their products finally ready for usage and real user experience.

Hell, even the strange 4:3 screen ratio of this down-stripped, function limited simulator did not approximately match the real devices capacities and dimensions.

I am not sure about what with the returned devices will happen. Maybe they will be resold to other customers after cleaning, polishing and re-packaging. ^^ But I am quite sure, that this is one of the cardinal mistakes that Apple did make, with the release of the Apple Vision Pro, turning out being finally more a kind of a total fail.

I guess, up to 50 percent of the initially purchased devices will ship back to Apple. With some justification and with some satisfaction too. Most of the customers will probably return it for mainly financial reasons, or just wanted to have some influencer-alike ‚free first hour testing fun’ with it or for real headaches and also for real disappointment reasons. On hardware and on software side.

Developers are set off and disappointed by all these facts too, for sure. And this leaves traces.

And I actually think, Apple did earn this drastic receipt quite justified this time. If Apple does not overthink especially the relationship to their serious developers from ground up, there will grow up quite a disaster with this sooner or later.

I get the impression, Apple gives a shit on their developers. The most obvious is, that the top does nothing know from the terrible chaos at the bottom.

It is like these continuous rejections with the AppStore submissions for the craziest reasons, which let you shake your head. And make you feel like a stupid school boy each time, teached by anonymous reviewers with no name, but with commentless ‚potential issue -catalogue copy and paste’ behaviour, people (or just automats?), who very often do not have a clue about what your app is all about, nor what your users want, nor how much time you did spend on developing it.

Or just the fact, that Apple now offers a development hardware extension for the Vision Pro, specifically for developers, with a purchase price of 299,- dollars! Now thats really funny. And it is really quite stupid. And also damaging dangerous to a healthy developer community.

( I, at least cannot buy such expensive extra tools easily, not even from the sum of my yearly income, that the AppStores are usually generating. Not to mention, that I won‘t be able to buy an Apple Vision Pro for 4000 bucks straight out of the pocket ever. Not even with any most moderate rate payments. )

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